Shilo is a pleasure to work with and consistently delivers high-quality work. We hired Shilo to create blog posts and resource guides as part of our marketing efforts at Causely. Shilo always took the time to understand the needs of each project and began preparing well ahead of due dates. Through a combination of thorough research and empathy for the target audience, Shilo created content that engaged our readers time and time again. I would highly recommend Shilo to anyone who's looking for a versatile, skilled writer. She's a joy to be around!

John Rougeux, VP Marketing at Skyfii

In her time working for me, Shilo took our content strategy from almost nothing to a rich and robust library of resources, e-books, guides and case studies. She took our blog from an occasional post here and there to an absolute machine, creating a content excellence team and nurturing relationships with partners, customers and others in the community to foster content that is truly valuable to our customers and future customers.

Shilo is not only an all-star content pro, but she also came to work each and every day with a passion for doing the right thing and thinking about how we can make our customers even more successful. If you're looking for a dynamic personality, a talented writer, an open heart and fantastic work ethic, you need to check her out.

Michelle Burrows, CMO at Serenova

I have had the pleasure of working with Shilo for a little over two years, both at Zen Planner and with her current venture as a contract copywriter for our team. To put it simply, she is an incredible and irreplaceable asset to our team (I truly don't know where I'd be without her). Shilo is willing to take on any project, no matter how big or small, straightforward or vague. If she isn't an expert on a certain subject, she does an amazing job doing the necessary research and interviewing the right people to create a piece that sounds like it's coming from a true subject matter expert. She has excellent writing and editing skills and a knack for turning basic outlines into engaging stories. Beyond her writing skills and work ethic, Shilo is genuinely an all-around amazing person. She is loved and respected by everyone and has the ability to brighten up a room just by walking in. I truly can't say enough great things about Shilo and am so thankful that I am able to work with her.

Tiffany Houkom, Product Marketing Manager at FRONTSTEPS

Aside from being an amazing person, Shilo's blog contributions continue to be great resources for our customers. When we collaborate on content, I find that she eloquently and easily communicates the message in a way that is easily absorbed by any reader. I always look forward to teaming up with her to share industry knowledge with the fitness community.

Chris Mierzwiak, Partner Development Manager at Zen Planner

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