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Retaining Valuable Mortgage Professionals

Recruiting and retaining top talent has always been a challenge. With the added stress of the pandemic and record loan volume, lending institutions must be thoughtful about keeping their valuable professionals. Using research from several studies and insight from first-hand stories, we’ll explain how pressing this issue is. Then we’ll provide suggestions for strengthening retention efforts at your lending organization. Loan officer and originator turnover is a significant issue. A 2016 study co

Coworking Space │ Upsuite Now Serving Los Angeles Market

If you’re not from Los Angeles, it’s easy to think life in the city revolves around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, and the many theme parks in the area. However, locals know that’s far from the truth. Instead, life in the Los Angeles area is more like hiking Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon, grabbing some fresh produce at the West 3rd and Fairfax Farmers Market, dining at one of the great neighborhood restaurants, and of course, planning your commute to avoid the worst of the traffic. P

The Resiliency of Working Parents During the Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, working parents across the country have stepped up to take on extra family responsibilities while still keeping up with their jobs. More often than not, the herculean task of being a teacher, babysitter, cook, household manager, and full-time employee falls on Mothers. We see the colossal responsibility our Home Captain working Moms are carrying and believe they deserve recognition.

Mortgage Lending: The Competitive Advantage of Shorter Close Times

The housing market was on fire last year. Home prices hit a 14 year high, and buyers engaged in bidding wars and submitted above-asking-price offers. At the same time, loans took far longer to close, making it harder for borrowers to compete in the extremely tight market. Buying a home is already a stressful process, but last year was one of the most challenging on record. In January of 2020, it took an average of 45 days to close a purchase loan and 38 days for a refinance loan. By October of

Top Reasons to Integrate PaySimple Payments into Your Software Solution

Partnering with PaySimple for seamless and secure payment processing delivers immediate and long-term benefits, unmatched by other payment providers. With you and your business in mind, our partnerships are designed to deliver exceptional customer value while increasing joint revenue. Today, our partners encompass large scale solution providers servicing users in the thousands to smaller software solutions that are poised for growth. Benefits of our partnership are supported by our three foun

The Perfect Storm Will Bring a Wave of Foreclosures

A perfect storm is a meteorological phenomenon that happens when a rare combination of occurrences collide to produce a historically relevant and catastrophic weather event. The most well-known perfect storm is the one that sank the fishing vessel, Andrea Gail, with her crew in the Atlantic in 1991. That perfect storm was born when Hurricane Grace converged with a massive low-pressure system, producing up to 100-foot waves that caused disastrous flooding and damage from Newfoundland to Jamaica.

Expect Extra Value from Your Payment Processing Partner

When deciding on a payment processing partner, solution features are often evaluated across different options. Ease of use, seamless payment processing, flexible payment acceptance, and robust security are essential to operate efficiently while delivering the best payment experience to patients. However, you want to look beyond the obvious payment features to find additional value. A partner with excellent support and a focus on customer care will ensure you get help when you need it so you can

Real Estate Powerhouses and the Disruption of Mortgage Lending

Online real estate giants like Opendoor, Redfin, and Zillow have streamlined the stressful home buying process and are now competing with mortgage lenders for new loan originations. By combining their well-known digital real estate brokerage with full-service mortgage lending, these real estate conglomerates give home buyers an end-to-end consumer ecosystem that reduces the stress and time required to find and finance a home. Here’s a more in-depth look into how these companies are changing the

Thoughts on Managing Loan Officer Capacity

Banks are losing millions of dollars because of diminished loan officer capacity. Some of our nation’s top lenders are even turning away new refinance customers because they don’t have the capacity to handle the business. A loan officer’s job is inherently time-consuming. Due to historically low rates, the current volume of customers is unmanageable. Loan officers can’t process loans fast enough. To improve capacity, loan officers need the following things: #1 The Ability to Talk to the Right

How to Manage Key-Person Risk at Your Fitness Business

Key-person risk is a concern for businesses that rely heavily on a few people to deliver their core services. This vulnerability is especially common for gyms that focus on personal and group fitness training because a trainer or instructor who is a beloved leader can be hard to replace. If this risk is not managed correctly, gym owners can find themselves with unhappy members, and ultimately, lost revenue through member churn. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate key-person risk, s

What to Expect When Applying for a Mortgage - Jordan Captain - Home Captain

What to Expect When Applying for a Mortgage Applying for a mortgage can seem daunting. The application is lengthy, and when you submit it, you also need to provide supporting documents like bank statements and tax returns. But the good news is that the application is straightforward and easy to complete if you break it into sections as we do here. If you are following our mortgage loan series, you will have read our overview of the mortgage process and the next step in the journey, which is se

10 of the Best Coworking Spaces in Toronto [2019]

You’re looking for the right Toronto coworking space for your high-performing team. Maybe you want a space to foster collaboration and provide networking opportunities with Toronto’s startup talent. Or perhaps you need a space that’s modern, quiet and designed for maximum productivity. Each team has its own set of unique needs, and each coworking office offers something different. The good news is that with all the great coworking spaces in Toronto, you will find the right office for your team.

Looking Ahead: A Rate Forecast for Fall 2020

We often get asked for mortgage rate predictions or if we expect any significant upcoming changes in the industry. To answer these questions, here is a rundown of what we see happening this fall. At this time, we don’t expect much change in the 30-year rate over the next 45 days or even through the end of the year. The Federal Reserve announced that they aren’t going to move the federal funds rate anytime soon. While that rate is not directly tied to mortgage interest rates, it influences them.

How Agents Can Beat the Real Estate Powerhouses

Do you remember renting movies at Blockbuster? Rows and rows of videos along the wall, the smell of popcorn in the air, and those dreaded late fees? While the memory is is slightly nostalgic, the process of renting and returning movies was inefficient for the customer. Fortunately, Netflix came along and delivered a customer-centric experience that disrupted the old way of doing things. Similarly, real estate powerhouses like Zillow and Redfin have created a customer-centric ecosystem that’s co

Upsuite | Best Coworking Space in Toronto, Canada

You’re looking for the best coworking space in Toronto for your high-performing team. Maybe you want a space to foster collaboration and provide networking opportunities with Toronto’s startup talent. Or perhaps you need a coworking space that’s modern, quiet, and designed for maximum productivity. Each team has its own set of unique needs, and each coworking space offers something different. The good news is that with all the great coworking spaces in Toronto, you will find the right office fo

Improve Your Patient Experience with a Streamlined Payment Process

Knowing that patients today want almost everything to be easier, it is essential to think of them in even the minor details of office operations. If how you approach payment processing is an afterthought today, insights in this post might leave you thinking differently. Delivering a customer-focused approach to payment processing can positively impact patient experience and profitability. With three key components, you can achieve the exceptional payment experience that your patients want. High

Common Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage - Jordan Captain - Home Captain

Mortgage refinancing is a popular topic right now. It seems everywhere you turn, there’s talk about refinancing. Whether it’s through the news, social media, or family and friends, chances are you’ve heard, and even thought about, refinancing your mortgage. But is it a good idea? Sure, interest rates are low, but that’s not the only reason to refinance your mortgage. To help you determine if it’s the right move for you and your family, we’ll walk you through the most common reasons to refinance

How to Provide a Seamless and Efficient Payment Integration

Providing payment processing within a mobile application, SaaS product or website can be highly beneficial for a business. With integrated payment acceptance, businesses are well positioned to organically increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Successfully delivering integrated payment acceptance can be achieved in one of two ways – developing custom software or integrating with a payment solution. Developing a custom payment solution can be an appropriate option for handling paym

9 Ways to Get Your First Offer Accepted in a Seller’s Market - Jordan Captain - Home Captain

9 Ways to Get Your First Offer Accepted in a Seller’s Market If you’ve been looking to buy your dream home this summer, you’ve likely noticed that most of the country is in a seller’s market. Homes are selling quickly, there’s little room for negotiation on price, and there are probably multiple purchase offers for each house. But this doesn’t mean you can’t buy your dream home now. There are a few strategies to get your first offer accepted in a seller’s market, and we’ll share them with you.

Favorite PaySimple Features for Open Dental Customers

Users of PaySimple through Open Dental have experienced multiple benefits of the solution partnership, noting improvements within the areas of cash flow management, data security, revenue reporting, staff efficiency and patient satisfaction. PaySimple’s all-in-one fully integrated payment system allows offices to automate billing, accept flexible forms of payments, and manage patient financial information, all from within Open Dental software. While PaySimple is a comprehensive solution with c
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